a short note to the home sellers in Saskatoon, Sask:

00.22, 04.03.2016

_____ ….. already, it is now a new day.

_____ ….. there may be a perfect solution for your home selling dilemma

_____ ….. Sir, Ma’am, there may be a right and a righteous way to solve your problem.

_____ ….. if you are among the two out of three home sellers whose homes are just not selling in this market, take heart, there may be a unique solution in the making.

hear me out. At this very moment in time, yours truly, a guy in his 80s is believing for an amazing health and wellness and healing center for all Canadians and for all of Canada a Mari usque ad Mare.


I believe that this center will be established.


I have asked in faith without doubt and in Jesus name.


This center may be established in Saskatoon or somewhere in Saskatchewan beginning this week of March 2016.


or in another province and in another region of Canada depending on the warm response or the cold response this idea receives at this critical breakout and launch time.


One of the key services that is often needed and which can easily be addressed during this start phase is a space set up for the customized recovery and early rehab service  which should be provided following some illnesses, some injuries and/or certain day surgeries.


The right house in Saskatoon, Sask., could easily be converted into an ideal start up facility and more.


In addition a bed and breakfast ….a caregiver meeting place ….. a community hub …..a Memory Café a la Jana Jones. Do you want to hear more or are you in a hurry?

                         – 1.40 am., 04.03.2016?


Are you ready?

Are you ready to prepare?

Mr. and/or Mrs. sick person in Saskatchewan,

_____ ….. is it time for you to identify what it is that is keeping you stuck in a sand trap and what you and your care team can do that is righteous and what you and your health care team can do that is right to help set you free and/or to do their part to help set you free indeed?

–  1.47 am., 04.03.2016?


never mind the wolves and if you listen, I’ll tell you why.

1.49 am., 04.03.2016!


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