coming to terms with the spiritual opportunity of this life …..

_____ ….. seeking to know God     see John 17:3

_____ ….. giving up the world       see 1 John 2:15,

_____ …..choosing Life and seeking Life

_____ ….. giving up the self, the flesh, affections and lusts etc etc

_____ ….. going on unto perfection       see Hebrews 6:1

_________________  3.43 am, Sunday, 06.03.2016  ___________________

_____ ….., join me for one minute or two or longer.

_____ ….. read with me Psalm 103:3, 2 Corinthians 6:16, and then Hebrews 7:25 and Revelation 3:18.

_____ ….. Are you aware that the truth can set you free?

_____ ….. Are you aware that God’s Son, Jesus Christ can set you free indeed?

_____ ….. do you hope to move on into eternal spiritual life after this life is over which God has promised to all those people who learn to love Him?    – 4.40 am.


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