what exactly would an exemplary warm-up exercise do for you? ….. if you were to do it?

12.54 am., Sunday, 06.03.2016

1.08 am, if you serious about restoring your health after a setback and serious about maintaining good to excellent health after your recovery and rehab, you and your care givers will want to know the facts and know the truth about this matter that unfortunately most people miss.


how does one go about finding the facts and the truth? – 1.12


Sir, Ma’am, if you or your town are interested, I will demonstrate for y0u what I do daily and how I do it, ….. and then articulate and illustrate for you so that your understanding is complete and clear.


1.29 am., if one or more adults of any age from 30 to 80 want the benefits and want to learn what to do and how to do it, please speak up _____ …..       – 1.32 am


_____ ….. it is a wonderful process, if we are once able to see it and understand it and then do it and keep doing it.

– 10.25 am, Sunday, 13.03.2016.

_____ ….. it is a glorious process, _____ ….. try it once and you will soon discover for yourself how it works.

– 10.33 am,  Sunday, 13.03.2016.


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