if we just start doing this, a perfect starter program will come together pdq

7.31 am, Monday, 14.03.2016

_____ ….. what do people think they want?

_____ …..  and what is it that most people really need?

_____ ….. why should people get together more often than they do now?

_____ ….. what is really needed in one hundred and one small Saskatchewan towns?

_____ ….. a new coffee maker, maybe?

_____ ….. but what more?

_____ ….. people like to chat about life’s ups and life’s downs, it seems to me

_____ ….. so a table and two chairs and/or a table and 6 chairs would help.

my 1st suggestion: a suitable space to walk for two minutes every I/2 hour. Please ask me why?

a 2nd suggestion: a chair to sit in and to stand up out of while learning the squat exercise!

“where are we headed with this conversation?”

Sir?,  Ma’am?,

“what do you need to say?”

“what do you really need to say?”


_____ ….. what is really troubling you?, …..your family? ….. others close to you?  – 8.15 am, 14.03.2016.

_____ ….. can we cut to the chase? I’m here to help!

and there are many others ready to pitch in when needed!


do you see health and wellness in your future? do you see abundant life and do you hope for eternal life? and do you see healing happening?


do you seek peace and joy and happiness? do you want to have meaning and purpose in the years ahead?



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