today, my day started at 6.00 am with a ten minute exemplary warm-up!

6.30 am., Tuesday, 15.03.2016

_____ ….. are you fit?

_____ ….. or truthfully are you unfit?

_____ ….. there are far too many unfit Canadians of all ages.

_____ ….. and it need not be this way … eh!

_____ ….. yours truly is one 80 year old elder, who is diligently exploring suitable recovery and rehab programs for adults age 30 to 50 and ideal programs for adults age 50 to age 85 who hope to stay healthy and who hope to stay well and especially for all those who hope for the abundant life in the spirit which is promised to God’s people.

_____ ….. who will have their own health and wellness and lifestyle thoroughly evaluated with a view of finding ways to do a better job of the whole entire process!

_________________________7.45 am., 15.03.2016 _______________________

___ ….. anyone ready to get started? – 8.05 am.



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