falls prevention starts with strength training

5.48 am., 17.03.2016

_____ ….. recently, l read where it was discovered that older people who do not exercise often have poorly calcified bones which break easily leading to a fall. Of course if you don’t know any better you will blame the fall for the break, rather than realize that the break in the bone led to the fall.  Cause and effect, yes, but the implication is learn to exercise properly and then do it so that you gain the benefit.

_____ ….. as a physically active 80 year old, I know what I can easily do and I see younger people all the time who lack the ability to do simple physical tasks for simple lack of practice.

____ ….. yesterday, I reviewed winter 2016 Gray Matters ….the benefits of strength training on page 6 and the risks of social isolation by older Canadians on page 8.


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