today’s message is of Great importance to many Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare

9.23 am, Tuesday, 29.03.2016

_____ ….. in process.

_____ ….. and is being articulated very  ….. very    carefully.

_____ ….. Yes, I am still asking for and praying for and believing for a health and wellness and healing center, but I am enquiring at the mouth of the LORD and waiting on the LORD for details and for the exact words to speak and for His guidance regarding what actions to take.    – 9.32 am.

……………I go by Keith Hills, and I go  by dkeithhills

_____ ….. I am also working on a daily diary and a customized workbook

________________ 9.39 am., 29.03.2016 ________________

do you know that Christians have a great need of patience?

____ ….. so do you seek patience, along with hope and faith and God’s perfect love, the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus Christ as your Lord and as your saviour.  – 9.49 am., 29.03.2016.



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