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I am an active senior past the age of 75. I'm active every day and thus far free of aches and pains. I can honestly say that over the years, I have done my best to help others . . . . . individuals, couples, families and extended families. God willing, I want to do much better and I want to do much more and to expand my territory. For the past 15 years, I have been a full time community volunteer. As a kinesthetic learner, I learn best by doing. Not by reading, not by hearing, but by doing, that is through experience. I have been taught much and I believe that I see much better now regarding what to do and how to do many important things and I'm prepared to help millions of people who are"burdened" and "struggling" in literally thousands of communities. . . . . all over our Nation. "A MARI USQUE AD MARE." Donald Keith Hills dkeithhills@gmail.com p.s. details to follow . . . . .

today’s message is of Great importance to many Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare

9.23 am, Tuesday, 29.03.2016

_____ ….. in process.

_____ ….. and is being articulated very  ….. very    carefully.

_____ ….. Yes, I am still asking for and praying for and believing for a health and wellness and healing center, but I am enquiring at the mouth of the LORD and waiting on the LORD for details and for the exact words to speak and for His guidance regarding what actions to take.    – 9.32 am.

……………I go by Keith Hills, and I go  by dkeithhills

_____ ….. I am also working on a daily diary and a customized workbook

________________ 9.39 am., 29.03.2016 ________________

do you know that Christians have a great need of patience?

____ ….. so do you seek patience, along with hope and faith and God’s perfect love, the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus Christ as your Lord and as your saviour.  – 9.49 am., 29.03.2016.



Linus, I’m awe struck!

6.14 am

____ ….. just so you can know: Through his death, burial and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin thus purchasing for all who believe in him eternal life in God the Father and in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. see John 17:3 and John 17:26.

_____ ….. It is humanity’s turning point from destruction to salvation and glory.

_____ ….. we need to seek and to hear and to see and to understand and then to apply the complete story as it applies to each of us individually and then collectively as a body of believers.

_____ ….. we need to know all about Jesus and then we need to seek to know Him as Lord and Saviour!

_____ ….. Yes, it is a struggle, BUT if we do more, serve by love and give, hoping in our heart to help one another, then by actually doing, I believe that we will be shown how to help one another much more than at present.

_____ ….. today, study with me, Hebrews 10:14 to Hebrews 10:25

_________________________ 7.07 am., 27.03.2016 _____________

At one point, even Job, a perfect and an upright man, admitted: “I am full of confusion” – see Job 1:8 and Job 10:15        – 7.49 am, 27.03.2016.


What did Job, a perfect and an upright man need to repent of? see Job 1:8 and Job 42:8


And what is our Father in heaven looking for from his people? Come, join me for a most  exciting and eye opening tour of the Book of Isaiah. – 8.00 am, 27.03.2016.


But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. And he that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: see John 3:21 and John 3:36. – 8.28 am., 27.03.2016


Alleluia! Christ the Lord is Risen Today! Yes, today is Easter Sunday. All of this is now possible.

many are called, but few are chosen, because, because and because

3.20 am., Monday, 21.03.2016

_____ ….. got time to talk about this as it applies to you? ….. to your family and to your friends?….. to your home church? ….. to your community?…..to your province?…………..to the whole of Canada?

____ ….. do you want to talk?

____ ….. I’ll share with you what I’m learning.   – 3.25 am

_____________-3.43 am., 21.03.2016 ___________