and then, except ye repent

3.16 am., Monday, 21.03.2016

know this: _____ ….. there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repent eth.     – see  Luke 15.10  – 6.26 am., 27.03.2016

_____ ….. see Luke 13:3 and study John 3:16 to John 3:36  – 6.34 am., 27.03.2016.


is there an age friendly community in Saskatchewan ready and willing to set up one or more model fully functioning initiatives to promote healthy aging

6.44 am., Thursday, 17.03.2016

_____ ….. certainly nutrition and exercise are two very important keys to successful aging, BUT there is much more that needs to be taken into account to cover all of the bases and to do justice to what is needed.  – 7.09 am

_____ ….. we can kraft a very excellent model for all of Saskatchewan!

_____ ….. and a very fine model for all Canadians, a Mari usque ad Mare!

____ ….. it is easily within our scope at this time!   – 7.37 am

falls prevention starts with strength training

5.48 am., 17.03.2016

_____ ….. recently, l read where it was discovered that older people who do not exercise often have poorly calcified bones which break easily leading to a fall. Of course if you don’t know any better you will blame the fall for the break, rather than realize that the break in the bone led to the fall.  Cause and effect, yes, but the implication is learn to exercise properly and then do it so that you gain the benefit.

_____ ….. as a physically active 80 year old, I know what I can easily do and I see younger people all the time who lack the ability to do simple physical tasks for simple lack of practice.

____ ….. yesterday, I reviewed winter 2016 Gray Matters ….the benefits of strength training on page 6 and the risks of social isolation by older Canadians on page 8.

wanted: vacant buildings in small towns suitable for local community centers and 10,20 or 30 acre parcels of land suitable for building one or more unique model retirement communities!

9.51 am, Wednesday, 16.03.2016

_____ ….. details to follow  – 9.52 am.

_____ ….. if interested, please enquire! – 9.55 am.

_____ ….. if you know of a suitable building and/or a suitable site please inform me!

_____ ….. both of these projects are doable concurrently or separately, depending entirely on the people attracted to and willing to support either project.  – 10.10 am.

I am ready to proceed with either one or the other or both.


_____ …..any towns  interested? any RMs interested?

– 10.47 am.


_____ ….. do you and I see eye to eye on enough key points to allow “it” to work for us?   – 11.07 am.


_____ ….. so, how would health and wellness work for a group of families living together in community? – 4.52 pm


_____ ….. how would individuals, couples or families of different age groups actually benefit from being an active part of any one particular interactive and self supporting community? – 5.07 pm