“What do we need?” we need belief and faith, and that faith without any doubt and we need patience

“who’s game?”

“Who all is game to work with me?”

> please contact me, if you are at all interested!

> just deciding to start is the hardest part, then it gets easy and then easier.

> try it out!

it is 8.15 am, Saturday, 17.01.2015.

My hope and my desire is that many older adults and seniors and elders throughout Saskatchewan will become seriously interested in discovering in 2015 how easy it actually is for anyone to embrace good to excellent health as we enter our 60’s and 70’s and even as we move on into our more challenging 80’s and 90’s.

For starters, many of us could easily add another 10 – 20 – 30 good years of active living and good to excellent health.

(Bonus reduce health care costs by Billions and Billions of Dollars!)

Yes, it will take a little extra effort initially maybe a lot of effort, but know this and be encouraged that once you and I actually do start, and once we get on the correct  < “rigtheous” > path it does not take that long. Find a good friend who will stick with you through thick and thin and who will fully encourage you righteously.

do you get the right picture yet?”

by love serve one another.”

“go for it!”

>>> try my email > dkeithhills@gmail.com

and I do have a cell phone which I’m actually trying to learn to use

out at 10.03 am

> in again at 10.30 am and out at 10.45 am

Yes, it is my true honest desire to do things God’s way this time

and Yes, for sure, I/we will try it again and again, guys and gals               > we will make the full out effort to serve one another by love.

in at 11.59 am, 17.01.2015, restate my intention and our all out intention. > out at 12.07 pm

to make the full all out effort                                                                       to serve                                                                                                             one another                                                                                                            by love

until >  we do learn how and can fully serve one another by love.

*** Your absolute full attention please!

update starts here, 2.15 am, Sunday, 18/01/2015, > the point, aim, goal, objective, purpose, etc., etc., etc., is to learn how to love one another God’s way with God’s love, period. end of story.

(first question should be what do the various colors represent?”)

That is it. if you get it you’ve got it. If not, keep trying. Do not quit!

There are many things each of us can do < steps* to take and habits** to make > which will make the job easier and of course we should make the effort to use them all to our fullest advantage.

…..in my approach,

*steps would be articulated, illustrated and fully demonstrated!

**habits would be articulated, illustrated and fully demonstrated!

> we learn what is right and fully understand what is “rigtheous!”

> JOIN ME for coffee or for tea or just a few moments with me on a topic of interest to you and of interest and of value to others too.

> I would like to try this idea out and see what can be done with it in a positive and in a constructive way and in a helpful way.<+,+,+>

> my belief is that with very very little support it would take right off!

> who will be helpful and offer real genuine positive, constructive and helpful support to get this unique and very special helpful help going “real good”!   <as of 3.06 am, Sunday, 18.01.2015>

Father, my prayer to YOU this morning is a prayer I have prayed to YOU in faith many times. If anyone is with me at this point, let us read Isaiah 42 and 48 and 58 and then Psalm 16:11, Psalm 17:7-8 and 15 and then Psalm 18:3 and 18:49. > now read Psalm 19, p 616 and p 617.

out at 3.30 am, 18.01.2015.

















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